The E-Government Summit 2017 is designed to bring decision makers and thought leaders in the private and public sector on a single platform to discuss, network and set an agenda that will yield quantum result for sustainable economic development.

The E-Government Summit 2017 focuses on the use data in shaping the future of the Nigerian economy.  It also focuses on the deployment and development of smart technology systems and data transformation strategies to promote excellence in the shift to eGovernance and smart government based on scientific management realities.

The potential for information that can be obtained (Big Data) in government can greatly improve efficiency in the governance of citizens. Developing such obtainable data and its implementation not only requires vision and planning by the governing authorities and structures but by design, it must be supported by innovative solutions to enable smart billing, smart payments for good services, efficient revenue collection and smart governance of the citizens.

Our objectives and deliverables are designed to help government take advantage of the potential in big. Big data analysis will help government make more insightful decisions needed for economic recovery and sustainable development. It will also enhance interactions with the citizens and business sectors, foster collaboration, create real time solutions to challenges in the economy.

Other Objectives of the Summit are:

  • To leverage on ICT for enhanced data management for effective and efficient service delivery.
  • To showcase the effective use of data analytics, IoT, ICT to increase government revenue.
  • To drive SMART technology for excellent government services.

Theme:         E-Government: Catalyst For Economic Recovery & Sustainable Development. Date:  18th – 19th July 2017 Venue:  Shehu Musa Yar’Adua Centre Abuja.